Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Qualities of Hair Used In Hair Extensions


Non-remy hair: Non-remy hairs are most common and widely used hair quality for Hair Extensions. These hairs are also called as fallen hairs and are available at very cheap rates. The roots and the tips are mixes in this kind of hair. Tangling is a big problem in non-remy hair.

Hair extension is basically a method to increase the volume and length of hair. However,clip in hair extensions, the practice of hair extensions is mainly popular for increasing the length. Various methods are used to increase the length of hair. Some of the popular methods practiced are Track and Sew,cheap hair extensions, Invisible Hair Weave,human hair extensions, Clip Hair Extensions (also called as Clip-in Wefts) and Hair Infusion. Hair infusion is the most suitable technique of hair extensions from medical point of view. There is minimum side effect of hair infusion. However,hair extensions, clip in hair extensions is widely popular among the consumers for temporary hair style. It is both economic and feasible practice of increasing the length and volume of hair.



The clip is very small and is helpful in attaching the hairs temporarily to your natural hairs. Let us know about hairs used for making strands of hair for clip in hair extension process.

Synthetic hair: Synthetic hairs are made of different synthetic fibers. It does not last long and get damaged by exposure from sun.


Remy hair: Remy hair is the natural hair made of human fiber. The hairs are original and have not been colored or processed any way.  Remy hairs are collected by maintaining the direction of cuticle and then cutting them. The cut hairs are then collected and can be sewn on weft for hair extension. These are also used in making wigs and clip hair strands. These are ideal for clip in extension. It will not affect your natural hair but are rarely available. Remy hairs are highest grade natural human hair used in.

These are the popular qualities of hairs used for extension of hair length and increasing the volume. Clipping method is good for temporary look. For permanent hair extension one should go for hair infusion or other extension methods. It is suggested to opt for remy hairs for permanent extension and non-remy hairs for temporary extension.  One should avoid using synthetic hairs. It is better to use good quality hair strands for extension. Also one should not go for long extension as artificial hairs will pressurize your natural hairs making them weak.


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