Monday, August 22, 2011

Post Color Hair Care Tips Human Hair Wigs

Whether your hair speak of depth, cool tones, ash or violets, looking after your hair is essential if you want to retain moisture, healthy texture and the sparkle of the color. Various color palettes like gold, copper and reds are warm colors that spread vibrancy and glitter. Blues and violets are cool shades that look extra deep & rich.

Clip in hair extensions that are colored incorrectly or too frequently become weak, porous, and full of split ends. The pH balance of hair is affected and scalp is also irritated, making hair prone to breakage and easy damage. While the color causes hair to swell and open up the cuticles, it is necessary that your hairdresser prescribes you a good cleanse and conditioning system that helps close the cuticles back, while ensuring that your hair doesn’t lose its natural moisture. Once the cuticles are closed, it is essential that you protect your hair against oxidation.

While the oxygen present in atmosphere causes your cheap hair extensions color to fade, other oxidants from sun, wind, chlorinated or tap water and swimming pools conspire to speed up the fading process, thereby shortening the life span of your hair color. You must stick to after-care products that make colored hair maintenance absolutely easy and simple.

Shampooing the Right Way

A color protective shampoo is made of mild cleansing antioxidants that help neutralize the corrosive action of oxygen in air and Ultra Violet rays. They protect against color stripping effects of sun, retain hair moisture to combat dryness, smooth cuticles and add loads of sheen and luster to add strength and beauty. These shampoos keep hair looking brighter and can be used on auburn, red, brown, violet or even black hair.

Proper Conditioning

Commonly, conditioners used after shampoo rinses are perceived as the sole form of hair conditioners available. They can be categorized as:

• Single dose shots conditioners
• Heavy duty masks after shampoo
• Leave-in serums
• and After shampoo rinses

Shampoos contain surfactant molecules which surround particles of dirt and grease and wash them away from hair. Hair conditioners at the other end work exactly in the opposite manner. They contain positively charged molecules that get attached to negatively charged hair to allow raised cuticle to sit back against hair shaft, giving hair a smooth surface area, natural shine and reflecting light. Thereby, conditioners coat each hair follicle with a protective layer around them.

Protecting Colored Human Hair Wigs

While natural hair need gentle caring, colored human hair wigs and extensions need even milder treatment because they are not armed with natural mechanism to protect them. The key to keep your extensions in good conditions is to use gentle wigs care products.

Avail The Best Professional Hair Service In Dubai

With changing lifestyles and drastic improvements in earning power of people maintaining physical appearance and looks has become a necessity today. People are spending enormous amounts on makeup and styling accessories, getting latest hair styles and many more. The trend has led to people increasingly being dependent on the hair salons, spas and beauty clinics.

Of all the aspects cheap clip in hair extensions styling is one important thing that maintains your style and appearance. To have that perfect style it is very important that you avail the services of a professional hair salon. Also it is better to stick to a particular salon as too much experimenting can go wrong and damage your looks. Browsing the internet helps you find the best hair salons in your locality and you can make a visit after making a thorough review of the client testimonials present on the website. If you are looking for salons providing best hair styling in Dubai then Cherry Hair Salon is the place to be. The salon is located in the Le Meridien one of the happening places in Dubai and has a huge multi cultural client list.

They have a range of services for all types of clients and the USP of their services is the hair highlights and low lights that they create perfectly on all types of hair. This is the reason for which they are popularly referred to as the color specialists in Dubai. They boast of a highly specialized team of professional stylists who can work on all types of hair styles like straight hair, curls and many more and eventually make you look great.

The services provided by the salon are divided into three categories like pre-tip hair extensions, nail, and beauty. The hair care services include treating damaged hair, coloring, hair extensions and hair styling for special events. One can look vibrant and beautiful by going in for the beauty services like the threading, massage, facial and beauty treatments. Lastly they also offer nail care through services like nail enhancement, foot spa and the regular manicure and pedicure.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Long Hair Extensions Increases The Length Of Your Hair

Today, we are living in a beauty obsessed society. The world of cosmetology is increasing ever since. People are so much fascinated by beauty that they do all possible things to look good. No body is untouched with all the options that are available in the market to look good. So, in the race of looking prettiest, cheap clip in hair extensions play an important part. These extensions are supplement to our hair that makes hairs look good. It will help you get a hair style of your own choice and will make you confident so that you can also enjoy an esteem position in your society. Sometimes people are known by the kind of hair they have. A long and beautiful hair is always admired by others.

Long hair extensions are locks of human or synthetic hair that are placed on your hair either to thicken or to make the length of hair longer as per your choice. Hair extensions is a simple means through which one can get the latest hair style that is in trend. The extension can add volume, thickness and length to your hair and giving you a completely new style and look. The process that is used to lock the extensions is found varying from one extension to other. It is used by the use of glues, pre-tipped, braids, weaves, clips or metal rings and others. These processes also differ from each other in cost. These extensions help you in giving you a makeover. Hair extensions are of two types, one is real hair extension and other is synthetic.

Real hair extensions are natural human hair that you can make use of it to get the style, feel and look which you like as per your lifestyle. If you are going to experiment with your hair and looks so you need to make sure about the kind of products are you going to use. You must consult the hair stylist for the kind of extension that you want to use. The stylists will advice you that kind of extension which will suit you according to your hair. Real hair extensions are little more expensive than your synthetic hair styling process. Depending on the size of your budget, you can opt for the extension you want. Cold fusion, ceramic fusion, links, shrinkies etc are some of the new techniques that are used in hair extensions to get an appealing look.

Well, there can be various reasons for opting a hair extension. The reason can be to add volume, length and shine to your hair, while another reason can be to cover up your bad hair. If you have a bad hair cut, there is no other way than to cover up with hair extension instead of wearing your own bad cut hair. You can use real hair extension if you have to attend some special occasion like a wedding, parties or some social gathering. You need to visit your stylist and talk with her personally before trying for any extension.

Look for a good hair stylist that will advise all the pros and cons of using hair extension. After using it, you need to give some extra care to your hair because the extensions may loose if not cared properly. Well, hair extensions exist for certain period of time varying from 2-3 months. You can wash your hair in the very natural manner. You should give visits to your stylist after certain period of time.

Hair Extensions New York Will Make Your Look Elegant

 Hair extensions can simply enhance your look and can give you a good personality. It's always a desire to have hairs that looks beautiful and awesome on you. Though some of us are born with natural, shining and beautiful hairs, but unfortunately this is not the case with everyone. Some of us do have clip in hair extensions problems which we want to get rid of it. For such people, hair extensions New York is meant for their solving all hair problems.

Today extensions are revolutionizing the cheap human hair extensions fashion industry. Hairs are very important for your looks and a perfect hair cut will surely enhance your looks and appearance. People are becoming more conscious about their style and fashion they are opting for their looks. These days, people are becoming more and more conscious about style and fashion. This demand in the fashion industry has brought hair extensions New York.

If you have short length hair and its having a rough look, then you need not to worry because hair extensions will definitely solve your problem. Various hair treatments are also available for those whose hairs are falling or suffering from any other problem. Hair extensions will give you an opportunity to have that style and length which you have always dreamt of. It can also solve the problem of those people who keep on complaining that their hairs tangle a lot after wash.

Everybody wants to look good with wonderful and pretty hairs. Since, you can notice many new initiations of hair products in the market which is all due to the demand and the rise in world of fashion. In the hair extension treatment, a cluster of artificial hair is attached to the path of your natural hairs. The extensions are attached to the inner most layers of your hairs, so that they are not visible. This advantage has made it more popular among the users.

Hair extensions are available in different colors and textures. It has solved everyone's problem whoever is suffering from damaged hair and want their hair to grow faster. One thing has to be taken care of after using hair extensions is that the texture and softness must be maintained. You must wash your hairs twice a week and apply moisturizer to maintain the softness in the hairs.

Now-a-days, extensions are coming with new and advanced techniques that will match your hair appearance as natural as you want. A good hair expert will use that kind of extensions which will suit your hair. Bonding is a method that is used for temporary extensions when you want to add length to your own hair for a few days or for a particular special occasion. It gets removed after a wash or even after a week.

The cosmetic world has brought many changes in the hair extensions. Today you will find Cold Fusion, Ceramic Fusion, Links, Shrinkies extensions available with highly advanced techniques. Though the extensions are not very costly so anyone can afford it. As your own natural hair grows longer in length, the extension will become shorter in length. If the extensions got loosened then it means that you need to visit the hair stylist. Normally hair extensions last between two weeks to twenty four weeks.