Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Keep your human hair extensions looking better longer

There are few things worse than rattey unkept hair extensions. Many people simply do not know how to maintain their extension style. I would like to share with you 10 simple rules for keeping your human hair extensions looking fresh and beautiful for months.

1) Use Mild Shampoos with an acidic Ph. Diluted clarifying shampoos may be used every other week to remove dirt and oil build up. Avoid using the heavier creamy shampoos and conditioners as they tend to attract dust and dirt leaving tresses looking dull and lifeless. Avoid allowing the conditiner to remain on the scalp. This will loosen your extension base.

Use good haircare products on your extensions. Love them like your own hair.

2) Use a wide tooth comb to remove tangles from wet hair extensions working from tip to root. Avoid straining wet hair strands with snagging and brushing. Working gently with the hair while it is wet will prevent damaged frizzy hair when it's dry.

Whenever possible allow hair to dry naturally instead of with heat. This will prolong the natural sheen and moisture levels in the hair. Blow dry only when absolutely necessary.

3) Whether your extension hair is wavy, straight or curly allow it to dry thouroughly combed out in its natural pattern rather than in a ponytail or beneath a scarf.

Never brush curly or wavy hair while wet. Instead use a curl defining,remy hair extensions, light weight,cheap hair extensions, leave-in conditioner or alcohol free styling mousse and gently comb out with a wide tooth comb. Try not to disturb the curl or wave pattern after you have combed the hair out until it is completley dry.

4) If you can't avoid the occasional blow dryer use the lowest heat setting. Don't blow dry wavy or curly hair at all. Instead flat iron to straighten this type of hair after it is completley dry. When drying straight hair do not dry until it is bone dry and hard. Heat protecting products are always recommended. Dry roots thouroughly to avoid scalp infection.

Be careful not to tangle your extentions while washing. Gently run fingers through your extensions while shampooing to remove snags.

5) Shampoo hair as soon as possible after swimming and avoid prolonged sun exposure to prevent damage and dryness.

6) Satin pillowcases and scarves will do wonders in preserving your hair style and maintaining good moisture levels when sleeping at night. Satin pillowcases are a rather inexpensive way to protect any type of hair from dryness and friction damage.

7) Use oil-free moisturisers and leave-in conditioners that will leave your hair light and full of body instead of oily and weighed down.

8) Use a loose scrungy or braid to gather DRY hair at night to further prevent tangling while sleeping.

9) Sleeping on wet loose hair extensions is the best way to matte up a beautiful weave. Expecially for curly and wavy textures. Make sure that your hair extensions are completely dry and gathered EVERY night before going to sleep. You DO NOT want to be lazy about this. I promise.

10) While it is understood that sometimes we want to make sure we get our full monies worth from each extension hair style,clip in hair extensions, we should never risk damaging our own hair by wearing a style for longer than recommended.

However, if you have taken care of your human hair extensions they may be taken out,human hair extensions, deep conditioned and re applied like new for up to a year.

Try out a few or all of the above weave maintaining tips and send me feedback. I would love to hear your ideas and opinions.

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