Wednesday, October 12, 2011

20 Home School Ideas For In The Car

1. States and capitals- test your child and then let them test you cheap lace wigs!
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2. Memorize the elements of the periodic t able- self explanatory

3. Math Facts- Math drills can easily be done in the car even on short car trips, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division can all be practiced in the car saving time you would normally spend on this at home.

Time is valuable as home school parents know, so make the most of your drive time with your kids!

4. Spelling test- If you are in the habit of giving your child weekly spelling words, drive time can be a great time to test them. A good idea is to pick a day that you drive to the same glue-less celebrity human hair every week on that day, like Tuesday piano class for example. Tuesday can become test day. You can practice spelling words on car rides the other days of the week.

5. Find items that begin with each letter of the alphabet in order- see if you can get through the whole alphabet before you arrive at your destination. Great practice for beginning readers.

6. Bible memory verses- a good trick is to have the memory verse wrote on an index card and taped to your steering wheel or sun visor, get in the habit of saying the verse aloud with your children every time you get in the car before you start the engine.

7. Opposites- take a few minutes of your ride to give your child some examples of opposites, and then ask them to tell you an opposite such as if it is a sunny day ask them what the opposite would be, a cloudy day.

8. Presidents- most eight graders have to learn the last names of the presidents in order, although you do not have to do this in eighth grade when home schooling, when you do decide to have your child to learn the names of the presidents, the car is a great place to practice

9. Counting objects- have your kids practice their counting skills by telling them to count a certain object, for younger kids you might want to choose something they won't have to count too fast, older kids can practice counting objects that go by faster

10. Identifying road signs- have your child look for various road signs and discuss what they mean; by the time they are old enough to drive they will pass that part of the driving test with flying colors!

11. Books on CD- listening to books is proven to help children with vocabulary, improve listening skills and can help a family bond. Sometimes it is challenging to find time to read long books (Harry Potter, Huckleberry Finn, etc.) so audio books can be a great resource and your library is sure to have a large collection for you to borrow.

12 Home school Ideas for in the Car

13. Foreign Language practice- Is your child learning a new language? Use car time to practice flash cards, play study games, or listen to a book in the chosen language.

Home school parents usually find themselves spending a lot of time in the car, going to and from piano lessons, sports, scouts, co-ops and more. Use your time in the car with your kids to get some homeschooled work in. Here are 20 great ideas to make drive time into school time.

14. Pledge of Allegiance- You don't have to be staring at the flag to practice the pledge of allegiance and this is a great time to memorize it, I'm sure you will end up driving by a flag while you're saying it anyway.

15. vocabulary review- have your child review their vocabulary words from their textbooks during car rides.

16. Oral book reports- this should be self explanatory.

17. Right and left- driving is a great time to teach your child right and left, at each turn announce whether you are making a right or left turn. After awhile ask them to tell you which way you turned.

18. reading aloud- have older kids read aloud

19. Classical composers- CD's ?like Beethoven's wig, Mr. Bach comes to call and all the classical kids series are wonderful ways to not only listen to classical music but also about the famous composers who created it. Beethoven's wig put s funny words laced with facts to the music making learning fun.

20. ABC's- if you have young children use every opportunity to practice this all important song, especially drive time.

21. Songs to memorize-turn the radio off and memorize songs for music class time. Practice songs your kids need to know for scouts like the make new friend's song or Sunday school songs, your kids will be more confident around the other kids if they know the words to those songs!

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