Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Pros And Cons Of Hair Extensions

Hair Extensions can instantly transform lacklustre hair into a glamour mane of hair. With many hair extension techniques available on the market it can be difficult to know which is the most suitable for you. To help you work out which type of Hair Extensions may be most suited to your requirements and lifestyle, I have reviewed some popular Hair Extension techniques and Hair Weave Techniques.

Natural Hair Extensions are great for long term wear and for those who would like a low maintenance option. There are no chemicals used during the application or removal process and there is no damage to your natural hair. Natural Hair Extensions applied by creating a bind with cotton to connect your hair to the extension hair. The Natural Hair Extension application process can take up to 6 hours depending on the desired hair extension style.

Fusion/Keratin/Bonded Hair Extensions a good option for women with fine hair as the adhesive bonds are almost invisible. Related Coverage Hair Extensions – Which Type Are the Best? There are plenty of different options on the market at the moment for anyone interested in longer hair, with much debate over which option makes for the best hair extensions.

Here we go over the pros and cons of different types of extension so you can pick the best hair extensions for your look. Pros and Cons of Laser Hair Removal If you have been considering the pros and cons of the laser hair removal process, you'll be interested in what this article has to say. That is especially the case if you've been using another cheap human hair extensions removal procedure like waxing, depilatory creams, exfoliation, or electrolysis. It is certainly time to think seriously about the benefits of laser hair removal. Depilatory Hair Removal – Pros and Cons Depilatory hair removal is a common method of removing unwanted hair using depilatory creams. The chemical depilation dissolves the keratin in any hair shaft and makes the hair disintegrate. It then removes the hair that grows above the surface of the skin but it does not remove the roots of the hair. This removal method can be completed easily in a very short period and it is painless. The Pros And Cons Of Laser Hair Removal Health Laser hair removal is one the most popular and effective methods available in the cosmetics shelf today. Let us just go through the pros/cons of this technique to know what has to be known about this cosmetic technology.

First of all people those who go for it are people who are either blessed with way too much hair or for beauty purposes. Women especially, as they are so self conscious, the laser treatment is an effective way to keep their hairs out for a long time and sometimes even permanently with time. Discussing the pros/cons of this technique will help enthusiasts who want to go for suc…Bonded Hair Extensions require monthly maintenance which can work out to be quite costly in the long run. To ensure longevity of this hair extension type you must use a shampoo and conditioner set formulated especially for use with hair extensions. Adhesive based hair extensions are removed with acetone with can distress dry, or porous hair.

Shrinkies are tiny clear plastic tubes that are looped through the natural hair alongside the human hair extensions. A heated wand is then placed on the tubing causing it to constrict and create an extension connection. Unfortunately the attachment is not watertight so the tubes are likely to deteriorate meaning professional monthly maintenance is essential.

Microlinks are tiny metal beads that are looped into the hair along with extension hair much like Shrinkies. The metal beads are then clamped securely in place with small pliers which are also used to remove the beads. The removal process involves gently pressing on the ends of the attachment to return the bead to its original shape. During maintenance the bead can be reshaped and moved up the hair shaft meaning a hair extension style can last over a year. A downside to the microring service is that the colour tends to wear off over time leaving an indiscreet silver possibly showing through your hair.

A Hair Weave involves literally weaving hair onto your own. To create a sturdy proffesionally applied hair extensions wefts of hair are then sewn in. A hair weave is a low maintenance hair extension option that can be applied in under 2 hours and lasts for up to eight weeks. Hair Weaves are generally the cheapest professional hair extension because they take much less time to apply than other methods to apply and require no specific upkeep. Hair Weaves have been known to cause traction alopecia, this can lead to permanent hair loss. To avoid the risk of traction hair loss inform your Extension Technician if you Hair Weave feels tight and uncomfortable.

Before going ahead with a hair extension service ensure you have a thorough consultation so your hair extension technician can determine that you area a suitable candidate for the service.

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